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Cinematique-Instruments Melt KONTAKT合成器

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MELT is a fascinating instrument that allows you to create highly complex sounds, ambiences and textures in an extremely easy way. You are able to blend between 4 of MELT’s beautifully varied and inspiring sound sources and thus create unique, interesting and inspiring sounds.

MELT′s sound sources come from different areas, which are named Pure, Floating, Organic, Field Recording and Granular. In summary it is a complex arsenal of sounds and sources which provides, on the one hand, numerous sounds and instruments of our own library such as organs, synths, e-pianos, pads and resampled sounds of the legendary downbeat box and on the other hand specially processed sounds, field recordings and finally sounds created by granular synthesis and freeze functions.

This collection is already unique, but in the mixture among each other, it results in highly complex, novel and interesting sound structures.

The Concept

content melt cropped 1 pluginboutique – Melt

MELT is based on an XY pad – each of the 4 corners can be loaded with a separate sound source/ layer, which can be individually shaped by 9 different effects such as filters, distortion, phaser, reverb and delay. By moving the cursor inside this XY pad, MELT calculates its main sound out of this cursor position by the ratios of all four sounds and their individual effect parameters. This may all sound a bit technical and complicated, but believe us it isn’t! MELT does the whole calculation for you. You can just focus on playing along and move the cursor at your own requirements and thus create complex and dynamic sounds and ambiences in the twinkling of an eye. It is pure fun.

But besides “regular” sustained playing MELT provides an 8-step sequencer per sound/ layer. By activating, MELT is able to morph sustained notes with a sequencer or even morph between 4 different kinds of sequencers types. This astonishing feature can result in polyrhythmical sounds. As you can see, the possibilities of MELT are almost infinite.

Finally, MELT′s XY pad cursor motions can be recorded either as a loop within MELT or within the track of your selected DAW. Or you just let it randomly run.

Freeze Mode

content melt cropped 2 pluginboutique – Melt

If you prefer to globally shape the sound of all 4 sounds at the same time, just activate the Freeze button. MELT now changes to a blue look and you are now able to control all the 9 effect parameters globally for all 4 sound sources/ layer at once.

content skin melt 2 ui pluginboutique – Melt

If you like to play around with MELT in the beginning, MELT provides over 120 “presets”. Here you find a wide variety of categories and styles. Starting with simple surfaces, ambiences and textures, short and rhythmic sounds as well as organic strings sounds, experimental sound structures and complex textures are provided.


Blending between 4 sound layers via XY pad
Creation of complex sound structures in an extremely simple way
9 sound shaping effects plus 8-step sequencer per instrument
Freeze Mode for global application of all 9 sound shaping effects
Ratio table per instrument to adjust the cursor relation
64 inspiring sound sources: 21 ambiences & textures, 16 field recordings, 8 organs and electric pianos, 5 pure synths, 10 organic sounds like guitars and 4 string sounds
Over 120 presets: Basic Sounds, Calm and Quiet, Synthetic, Organic Pieces, Ambiances, Strings, Complex Melts, Ambients, Wide and Open, Shorts, Rhythmic, Experimental
One complex patch including 64 sounds and about 120 presets
System Requirements

Approx. data 0.7 GB compressed data
Kontakt 5.6.8 Full version is required

melt 是一个迷人的仪器, 让您创建高度复杂的声音, 氛围和纹理在一个极其简单的方式。您可以将 melt 的4种精美多样、鼓舞人心的声源融合在一起, 从而创造出独特、有趣和鼓舞人心的声音。

melt 的声源来自不同的领域, 被命名为纯, 浮动, 有机, 现场记录和颗粒。总之, 它是一个复杂的声音和来源的武库, 一方面, 提供了我们自己的图书馆的许多声音和仪器, 如器官, 合成器, 电子钢琴, 垫和重新采样的声音的传说的低音框, 另一方面, 特别是处理的声音, 现场录音和最后的声音创建的颗粒合成和冻结功能。

这个集合已经是独一无二的, 但在相互混合的情况下, 它产生了高度复杂、新颖和有趣的声音结构。



melt 基于 xy 垫–4个角中的每一个都可以加载一个单独的声源/层, 它可以由9个不同的效果单独塑造, 如过滤器、失真、移相器、混响和延迟。通过将光标移动到 xy 键盘内, melt 通过所有四个声音及其各个效果参数的比率计算出此光标位置的主音。这一切听起来可能有点技术性和复杂性, 但相信我们不是!melt 为您做整个计算。你可以专注于玩, 并根据自己的要求移动光标, 从而在转眼间创造复杂而动态的声音和氛围。它是纯粹的乐趣。

但除了 “常规” 持续播放 melt 提供了一个8步音序器每个声音/层。通过激活, melt 能够变形持续的音符与音序器, 甚至变形之间的4种不同的音序器类型。这个惊人的功能可以导致多节奏的声音。正如你所看到的, melt 的可能性几乎是无限的。

最后, melt 的 xy 垫光标运动可以记录为一个循环内的 melt 或在您选择的 daw 的轨道。或者你只是让它随机运行。



如果您更喜欢同时在全局范围内塑造所有4个声音的声音, 只需激活 “冻结” 按钮即可。melt 现在变成蓝色外观, 您现在可以同时在全局范围内控制所有4个声源/层的所有9个效果参数。



如果你喜欢玩 melt 在开始, melt 提供超过 120个 “预设”。在这里, 你会发现各种各样的类别和风格。从简单的表面开始, 氛围和纹理, 短和有节奏的声音, 以及有机弦的声音, 实验的声音结构和复杂的纹理提供。


通过 xy pad 在4个声音层之间混合
每个仪器的比率表, 用于调整光标关系
64个鼓舞人心的声源: 21个氛围和纹理, 16个现场录音, 8个器官和电动钢琴, 5个纯粹的合成器, 10个有机声音, 如吉他和4个弦乐
超过120个预设: 基本的声音, 平静和安静, 合成, 有机片, 环境, 弦, 复杂的熔体, 环境, 宽和开放, 短裤, 节奏, 实验
一个复杂的补丁, 包括64个声音和大约120个预设

约数据 0.7 gb 压缩数据
kontakt 5.6.8 需要完整版



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